6th Year Independent Learning Projects Presented This Week

Thursday, May 17, 2018

On Monday, May 14, Bay Farm's 6th years dazzled their classmates with their Independent Learning Projects.  After researching possible options for the individual year-long study, each student submitted a proposal outlining why they wanted to study their chosen topic. After the proposal was accepted, the students created a focused set of research questions to guide them on their quest for knowledge.  Along the way, they were asked to write to experts in their area of study asking questions about their field.  Three of the four students received wonderful responses to their letters, each receiving great information to supplement their questions.  When the research was complete, each child wrote a report, created a three-fold brochure, as well as a Google Slides presentation, and the project culminated with presentations in front of their classmates, parents, and BFMA's administration. This year's 6th years were Atticus Waterhouse, who chose to study nuclear energy; Jessica Sack focused on gymnastics, Amelia Maw delved into the world of elephants, and Elsa Fever became the school's resident expert on whales.  This 6th year tradition has been a much anticipated project since 2009!  Hats off to our 6th years!