Check out Moxie!

Meet Moxie: Conrad's German Short Hair Pointer, GSP for short. Moxie is a 7.5 year old "puppy" who loves to be with her family. Conrad and Kristen call her their own "velcro pooch" as she prefers to be attached to them at all times, either by leaning when they are standing or by plopping as close to them as possible when sitting down - that is unless a squirrel or chipmunk appears in her peripheral view.

Moxie loves to travel! More often than not she joins Conrad and Kristen on their vacations and she even has her own doggie passport. So far she has been to 22 states and one foreign country. She's sailed to Martha's Vineyard, canoed down the Colorado River, ferried over to South Carolina, but has yet to take a train! 

This year, Bay Farm has its very own Moxie available for families to bring on their own adventures! Any time you are making a special trip, taking a vacation, visiting somewhere new on the weekend, or have a special occasion you'd like her to attend, visit the office and check out Moxie to bring with you! Be sure to snap photos of Moxie enjoying the trip and the photos will be featured on the 2018-2019 Moxie on the Move wall! Don't forget to tag #BayFarmMoxieontheMove on your photos so they can be shared with the Bay Farm community. 

We can't wait to see where Moxie will head next! 

Fun Facts about Moxie:

  • Moxie was rescued from a shelter when she was just 5 months old!
  • Moxie can jump over a 6-foot fence without touching it AND she can pull herself up over an 8-foot fence!
  • Her first sailing trip was to Martha's Vineyard on Bay Farm's President of the Board, Hauke's sailboat
  • Her favorite food is popcorn and every morning she has three blueberries for breakfast. 
  • Moxie loves to run and has been known to accompany Conrad and Kristen on 20+ mile training runs and head home with energy to burn still! Maybe she will even run this year's 5k Run by the Bay.
  • She loves all animals and humans, and gives a wide berth especially to young children under the age of 3.
  • She often cocks her head in amazement at the noises and movements of the toddlers and will just sit and watch for long periods of time.
  • She loves it when young kiddies come up to her for a pet. Small hands are just as good as grown ups for Moxie as she cherishes attention.