Bay Farm Students Compete in LEGO® League Competition

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A group of Bay Farm Montessori Academy students competed in this past weekend’s LEGO® League competition at UMass Dartmouth.  More than 20 teams assembled on campus to make robotic LEGO® creations.  The Bay Farm Robotics team came in 13th place and did quite well for having only been competing for two years.  The school is proud of their hard work, enthusiasm, and team spirit.

This year’s robotics theme was Hydro Dynamics.  The team learned all about water – how to find, transport, use, or dispose of it.  As part of their challenge, they had to build and program an autonomous (no remote control) LEGO® MINDSTORMS robot that could perform “mission” on a table-top playing field. 

Tasked with having to identify a real-world hydro-dynamic problem that they had to solve, the team decided to do their project on how to remove and prevent plastic from polluting the ocean.  They researched how much plastic is in the ocean, where it comes from, and what solutions are already deployed.  Based on that, they came up with a solution that involves building a gate that traps plastic in rivers, preventing it from floating out into the ocean.  They built a LEGO model of their solution, which included a gate that lowers trapping plastic in when boats need to pass.  They presented their project to a panel of judges at the event.