Bay Farms Middle School Students Complete Internships

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Duxbury, MA…April 13, 2017…The middle school students at Bay Farm Montessori Academy are learning about real life by working in real jobs as part of their class curriculum.  They each spent a week off of campus to complete individual internships.  Each student picked a profession and made arrangements with a company or organization in their chosen field, where they could visit and learn about a profession in a real-world environment.  From a florist shop, theater, and a marine biology lab to a music store, radio station, and fitness center, the 14 middle school students experienced challenging and rewarding real-world jobs first hand.

Sarah Plotkin enjoyed her internship at Consider the Lilies in Duxbury.  According to Sarah, “It was exciting, fun, and an amazing experience.  I learned how to make a floral arrangement that is neat and presentable.  I was also taught how to help and deal with costumers.  I learned that something as small as how you place objects for customers to view, and to clean the walk way outside the store, are small things that matter.  This was a fun job because of all the different jobs that go into the business.”

Cristian Sack traveled to Guatemala where he worked with little children to for five to six hours a day. He worked with children from Niños Con Benediction, which was started by a woman who wanted to help unfortunate children, get them off the streets, and keep them in school so they can have a brighter future.  “I loved every moment I had at Niños Con Benediction,” said Cristian.  “I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to have this experience.  I am very grateful for the opportunity and for the many blessing I got to meet there.”

The Company Theatre in Norwell was the venue that Lexi Keating selected for her internship.  “I chose this place to do my internship because I really enjoy theatre arts and wanted to get the chance to see some of the behind-the-scenes kind of things,” said Lexi.  “Some of my tasks included painting, set design, and ushering.  I helped create sets for their upcoming play.  My favorite part of the internship was getting the chance to help out by creating the sets for the play.  I am excited to see the performance and to know that I helped create some of the sets and props.”

Charlie Solari worked at WATD, a radio station in Marshfield.  “I cycled through some of the jobs at WATD, working with different people,” explained Charlie.  “My duties ranged from putting together commercials, talk shows, helping with on-air production, putting together news, doing odd-jobs, getting audio from radio archives, helping with sales, and helping with social media and their website development.  It was exciting to be on air and also to produce and voice a radio commercial.  Overall, I really enjoyed my internship.  I could definitely picture myself doing it as a job.”

Sarah Whitaker’s internship took place in New Hampshire at the Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country, which is a non- profit organization that teaches and gives people with disabilities a chance to do something they might think is impossible, like skiing or summiting a 4,000 ft. mountain.  Sarah enjoyed meeting new people, helping with office work, and getting visitors ready for a lesson by getting the equipment ready.  According to Sarah, “It was interesting to see all the different types of equipment that could be used.  One day, I got to help pull a quadriplegic up a short hike.”

Bay Farm’s Middle School emphasizes individualized instruction, which is designed to foster independent learning.  Students are highly encouraged and taught to be self-directed, independent, reflective, and respectful.  The vigorous academic program is centered on math, humanities (literature, social studies, geography, and history), science, and writing, delivered in a two-year cycle.  These studies are complemented by a stepped-up foreign language program, performing and visual arts, technology, and physical education.

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