Bay Farms Middle School Students Complete Internships

Monday, March 26, 2018

The middle school students at Bay Farm Montessori Academy are learning about real life by working in real jobs as part of their class curriculum.  They each spent a week off of campus to complete individual internships.  Each student picked a profession and made arrangements with a company or organization in their chosen field, where they could visit and learn about a profession in a real-world environment.  From a law firm and farm to a music store and working with the Secret Service, the students experienced challenging and rewarding real-world jobs first hand.

Bay Farm’s Middle School emphasizes individualized instruction, which is designed to foster independent learning.  Students are highly encouraged and taught to be self-directed, independent, reflective, and respectful.  The vigorous academic program is centered on math, humanities (literature, social studies, geography, and history), science, and writing, delivered in a two-year cycle.  These studies are complemented by a stepped-up foreign language program, performing and visual arts, technology, and physical education.


Above (left to right): Brianna helped out at a horse rescue farm; Sophie worked at a law firm; Nate worked at a music store; and Connor interned at McLane Labs, which designs and fabricates  equipment used at WHOI and other oceanographic institutes.