Campus Happenings

Thursday, May 10, 2018

There is a lot happening on campus these days to support our mission of creating a vibrant Montessori learning community for children.  The goal of enhancing the aesthetics and function of our campus to accurately reflect the educational experience of our children is in full swing.  We are working on strengthening our school's connection to the natural world because we know that children need to stay connected to nature as they develop. This week we will be installing the NEW chicken coop funded by the school community's participation in the silent auction.  Our students are overjoyed by the addition of our 10 chicks and everyone is looking forward to watching them grow. While the chicks are not quite ready to move into their permanent coop, we are happy to plan and organize for their big move.  We are also ready to begin work on rejuvenating the common areas of the Children’s House and highlighting each campus building with a touch of color on their exterior doors.  All of this work is scheduled to be complete by the end of June.

Last week we saw the creation of a new Bay Farm Orchard. This orchard is the result of the work done by our Agriculture Committee. The trees were generously donated and planted by our school counselor Brooke Tocci's father's company, Waverly Development. We are thrilled to be developing this land as another peaceful sanctuary on campus and know our students will benefit from learning about fruit tree growth, pollination, and beauty. We are excited to be able to welcome our families back in September to a campus that is clean, bright and connected to nature.