Elementary Students Perform Their Class Plays!

Thursday, April 12, 2018


The benefits of having an integrated arts program are great.  One is that students have the opportunity to explore curriculum content through different methods. They get to try on a character in a safe environment which enables them to gain a better understanding of different perspectives. By becoming a character on stage, they experience the emotions and say the words of a diverse cast of characters.  They also get to use their own unique talents and abilities to learn new content, and this week the school community had the chance to see this in action. ELI & ELII performed their class plays in association with their history curriculum. ELI has been studying the early settlers in America and performed a play written by our very own drama teacher Karen on The Mysteries of the Lost Colony.   ELII danced and sang their way through the jazz age, giving a stellar performance of We Hazz Jazz.  I’m pretty sure that all ELII students can now spell Mississippi!