Southwest Campus

The campus enhancements will purposely connect our school's rich traditions with innovative space for students to directly explore ideas and engage in learning.

Innovative Agriculture

The first initiative in our plan is to create an innovative agriculture program consistent with both the Montessori philosophy and research-based practices in science education. 

- EnhancedChicken Coop
- Goat Barn and Goat Enclosure
- Expanded Orchard
- Composting Station

Campus Improvements

The third initiative in our plan is to improve our campus facilities to bring better organization, appearance, and efficiency.

- Demolish Old Head of School's House
- Create Additional Parking
- Construct New Maintenance Shed
- Improve Landscaping

Expanding Recreational Facilities

The second initiative in our plan is to expand our campus facilities to better support recreational programs and activities. 

- Sport Court - Refinish, Repaint, New Nets and Equipment
- Swimming Pool - Construct new, expanded pool