Integrating Art and Classroom Studies

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Bay Farm students have been rolling up their sleeves and enjoying a variety of art projects this fall.  Under the guidance of artist, Julie Hawkins, the students have been creating many original pieces.  The middle schoolers have been studying primitive man, and using charcoal techniques from primitive times, they have created unique self-portraits.  The Children's House students have been learning about peace and shapes and have creating two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork, while also learning about primary and secondary colors.  ELI students are integrating their class studies of plant life into their artwork -- they are enjoying walking field trips to draw plants and various nature scenes while they learn about plant life.  ELII students are busy studying Asia.  They completed calligraphy pieces that contain famous peacemaker quotes, which are hanging in the Great Room.  They will be continuing their Asian art by making paper and Chinese lanterns.