Karen K & the Jitterbugs

Bug Out! with Karen K and her imaginary friends, the Jitterbugs: Bumble (the bee who doesn’t like to sting); Stinky (loves playing outside, refuses baths), Hop (working on his self control); and Slug Bug (needs a LOT of naps). 

Named one of the “Must-See Acts of 2015” and called “Power pop sheen that makes them fun for the whole family” by the Boston Globe, the Jitterbugs have quickly become a favorite among kids and kid-ults in Boston and beyond.

We are so excited to host Karen K & the Jitterbugs at Bay Farm on Saturday, March 2 at 10:30am. We are at capacity for this event - Thanks to everyone who signed up, we are excited to see you! Stay tuned for details on next month's event.