A Joyous Start to the School Year

Monday, September 3, 2018

As we look forward and anticipate another fantastic school year at Bay Farm, we also take a step back and examine what makes Bay Farm so special.  From the students, teachers, staff, parents, and families — We feel that the entire school community is connected by shared values and principles.  We are proud to offer academic and enrichment programs that inspire students with joy, purpose, and compassion.  These three main pillars are what drives us each and every day to create a learning community that encourages children to connect and grow to love learning.  However, we feel that there are a few other core values at the heart of the school.  This year we will be celebrating these values and highlighting specific themes each and every month.  From Purpose to Respect, Nature to Empowerment… Each month will spotlight a different theme that exemplifies what Bay Farm is all about. 

To kick-start the 2018-2019 Bay Farm school year, we will be celebrating JOY throughout the month of September.  We truly believe that Bay Farm is a joyful place to learn and that the campus, the community, and the environment embody happiness. 

Here are some JOYFUL things to look forward to this month: 

  • Kindness Confetti: Be on the look out for the Kindness Confetti Jar in the office.  This jar will include messages of inspiration, joy, kindness, and gratitude.  Feel free to grab a message to brighten your day as you visit the Bay Farm office. 
  • "Joy" Cards: Download your own here! 
  • Save the Date
    • All-School Registration Day and Kona Ice Social: Tuesday, September 4, 9am-12pm 
    • First Day of School: Wednesday, September 5
    • Toddler House Transition Days: September 5-7
    • Toddler House Begins and Lunch Bunch Begins: September 10 
    • 6th Grade Trip to Thompson Island: September 17-19 
    • International Day of Peace: Friday, September 21 marks the annual Global International Day of Peace. 
    • Picture Day for Children's House - Kindergarten: September 26
    • Picture Day for ELI - Middle School: September 27