Bay Farm Montessori Academy

Learning Support Team (LST)


Brooke Camillo, MSW, LCSW: School Counselor/Psychologist & LST Leader

Kristen Boonisar: Learning Supporter for ELI, ELII, and Middle School

Shannon Paull: Learning Supporter for Toddler House and Children House Students 

The Learning Support Team is committed to cultivating a further sense of joy, purpose, and compassion in all Bay Farm students!

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The Learning Support Team is comprised of two Learning Supporters and the School Counselor. The Learning Supporters are Kristen Boonisar and Shannon Paull, and the School Counselor is Brooke Camillo. Kristen and Shannon work in the classrooms to support our student’s specific academic needs. Shannon works with students in Toddler House and Children’s house, while Kristen works with ELI, ELII, and Middle School students. Brooke Camillo leads the team and supports the social/ emotional needs of our students. Brooke does so by facilitating groups, holding individual meetings with students, and providing direct support in the classrooms to students who could benefit from social and/or emotional guidance. Brooke provides direct support in Toddler House, Children’s House and ELI, runs groups in ELII and the Middle School, and meets with students individually across all grade levels. The Learning Support Team works collaboratively with classroom teachers to ensure BFMA students succeed throughout the school year. 

The Learning Support Team serves as an extension of the Montessori classroom. They provide additional support to any student at any time to strengthen their ability to access the curriculum and thrive. They ensure all of the students receive what they need, as they are committed to meeting the child where they’re at academically, socially, and emotionally. The Learning Support Team works towards empowering students so they may feel increased levels of competency, confidence, and autonomy.