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An outstanding and innovative academic program for Grade 7 and 8 that emphasizes the individual.

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Bay Farm's middle school provides an academically-challenging learning community where students navigate the early adolescent years in a nurturing, respectful, and inspiring educational setting. Students benefit from an outstanding Montessori tradition, an appropriately challenging academic course load, rich and kind social environment, complete with curriculum-based outings and, guest speakers.

Curriculum & Hands-On Experience

Middle School Curriculum

The curriculum is a strong, multi-faceted program that includes top-notch, seminar-based humanities, science, math, and language programs, implemented on a two-year cycle. The extra-curricular offerings carry on Bay Farm’s unique focus on integrating academics with the performing and visual arts.

With a low student/teacher ratio, students benefit from small group work and individualized instruction and are highly encouraged and taught to be self-directed, independent, reflective, and respectful.

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Middle School Internship Week

Bay Farm participates in an Internship Week where our middle school students benefit from real-world career explorations. This program includes a 30 hour, one-week internship experience off campus with local businesses and corporations.  

Additionally, the middle school works collaboratively to run a small book selling business in order to gain real-life business experience.

Middle School Faculty

Michael Wahl

Lead Teacher


Brianna Mastrogiacomo

Lead Teacher   


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Take pride in asking thoughtful questions, and be comfortable with not always knowing the answers. I definitely learned this from Bay Farm, and it's something that stays with me today. I was always more excited when my teacher would say "that's a great question" rather than "that's correct." 
Nick, Bay Farm Alum