Montessori Minute: Work Materials Found in the Children's House

Monday, March 11, 2019

You may be curious about the various materials found in the classrooms here at Bay Farm Montessori Academy. All Montessori materials are sensory-based learning tools designed to isolate a skill or concept. They are uniquely designed to facilitate control of error, progression order, and fine motor skills. Read below to learn more about some of the materials found in the Children's House and the concept behind each.

The Pink Tower: Sensorial

Dr. Montessori believed that working with the Sensorial materials enables children to refine their senses, have a clearer understanding of what they are seeing, feeling, touching or smelling, and helps with the development of intelligence. With the pink tower, children stack the cubes from biggest to smallest, calling for visual discrimination, coordination, and precision. When a child first attempts to build the Pink Tower, they may not be able to do it exactly right as they may not be able to control their movements yet. Through repetition and development of their hand-eye coordination, the child is able to make their hands move in a precise way.

Sandpaper Letters: Language

Children trace these sandpaper letters with their fingers, feeling the shape as well as hearing the sound it makes to follow the shape. This is a multi-sensory approach as children hear the sound, see its representation in the form of a letter, and also feel the way it is written.

Sandpaper Letters

Metal Insets: Language

These metal insets prepare children for writing. Using a colored pencil, students carefully trace the shapes and begin to shade it in using straight lines. This activity increases a child’s ability to manipulate a pencil, refine hand control, focus and concentrate, and develop hand-eye coordination.

Number Rods: Math

Number Rods introduce children to the quantity 1-10. This material helps preschool students visualize and connect math concepts as they work to pair each rod with the corresponding number and understand order.

If you would like to learn more about Montessori Materials and how they are applied here at Bay Farm, schedule a visit today! Another great resource can be found here.