Montessori Philosophy at Bay Farm & Parent Resources

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Written by our Director of Education, Liz Titus.

The new year at Bay Farm begins the process of learning about the Montessori philosophy and methods, and how it impacts children and your family at Bay Farm. Learning about the Montessori way of educating children will not only benefit your child, it also helps us view parenting from a different perspective.   

A consistent approach, both at home and at school, is advantageous for maximum learning and success. Bridging how your child learns at school and at home benefits your child, your family, and the entire school community. Dr. Maria Montessori wrote extensively about the relationship between parent and child. She also wrote about the role of parents in a Montessori environment. The home/school partnership is crucial in the success a child has within a Montessori environment. Where to start on this journey? How do you begin to take steps forward to integrate these ideas into your home and your family’s life? There are many websites, articles, blogs, books- a wealth of information that makes the task of finding simple, accurate, and accessible information overwhelming. Here are a few resources:

American Montessori Society: Parents new to Montessori will find a bounty of reliable information on the American Montessori Society website. The Introduction to Montessori is a brief review of core Montessori principles. For more advanced study, there are numerous links to articles, recorded webinars, and videos found on the AMS website as well. I am finding more and more erroneous information about Montessori online. The AMS website is a resource that is trustworthy…. AMS also publishes a magazine for Montessori families and educators called Montessori Life.

The Montessori Foundation: If you are inclined to move beyond the “Montessori 101” level, The Montessori Family Alliance, an offshoot of The Montessori Foundation, is another trustworthy website and is  comprehensive, interactive, and specifically designed for families; with parent-to-parent blogs, archived articles, and recorded webinars that are relevant to Montessori families today.  The Montessori Foundation also publishes a magazine called Tomorrow’s Child.

If I could recommend one educational book to parents of children ages 5 and under, there is one that stands out:  How To Raise An Amazing Child the Montessori Way by Tim Seldin, President of the Montessori Foundation. With this book, you can easily learn how to use Montessori principles with your child without taking any Montessori training. I would recommend this book to any parent who has a young child.

Remember, we are all here to support you in this journey.