A Patient, Great Beginning.

Thursday, September 27, 2018


The beginning of the school year sets the tone for the weeks and months that follow. We are nearing the end of September, and the school has begun in the personal, respectful, compassionate manner our students deserve. I see this clearly every morning during arrivals. Perhaps this can be most vividly viewed as patient parents line up each morning to drop off their children at the Toddler House. The peaceful way that Mary and Bridget receive our youngest students highlights a perfect example of how Bay Farm differs from other schools.

We believe that each child is a unique individual who arrives at school with particular needs, and we are all committed to personally meeting those needs.  Many schools use whistles and bells to organize the time and hurry children through the day. The start of school, in many cases, is like the start of a race; the bell rings, and it’s off to the races.  Not at Bay Farm.

I watch Mary and Bridget each morning and notice how they treat each child with care and joy. I see how they check in with parents and how they welcome our toddlers to each new day.  Some children literally leap out of the car ready to embrace the day, others take the time to observe their surroundings, chatting, waving, and pointing all the way into our school. While some students are more reluctant to start their day, especially during these first few weeks of school.  It does not matter who the child is, both Mary and Bridget treat them with the care and compassion they require on that particular day.  I have never heard either of them say “hurry up!” or seen them make a child feel pressured. This is the way we treat children at Bay Farm.

Why, when the world seems to push and push us all with timeframes, deadlines, and races, do we give our students this time? Two reasons: They deserve it, and we know this time helps children build confidence, autonomy, and a strong connection to the Bay Farm family. I often stand at arrival time and marvel at the patience of our parents. I know each of you has pressures to get places. I appreciate that you allow us to welcome our student young and old in an authentic, personal way.  

We are off to a great beginning.

- Conrad.