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Right-Fit Tuition

Right-Fit Tuition - Attending Bay Farm is more affordable than you think.

The first question that many families ask about attending Bay Farm is: How much is tuition?  Our approach is to work with families to determine the tuition amount that is appropriate for them and that puts attending Bay Farm in reach.  Just as we know each child is unique, we know that every family situation is unique. 

How Does Right-Fit Tuition Work?

The goal of Right-Fit Tuition is to enable all families who believe in Bay Farm’s Montessori mission and approach to make enrolling their child a reality.  We take into account a wide range of factors that can affect the financial situation of each family.  

What Does Right-Fit Tuition Cover?

The investment you make in your child’s education at Bay Farm helps ensure they develop academically, socially, and emotionally in true Montessori fashion.  Right-Fit Tuition is not designed to cover the entire cost of enrolling your child at Bay Farm.  The goal is to find a tuition price that works within each family’s financial reality.

How Can I Take Part In The Right-Fit Tuition Program?

Because we take into consideration changing financial situations, your family must apply to the Right-Fit Tuition Program every school year.  We want to work with you to continually find the right fit for your family.  To begin the Right-Fit Tuition process, please start by following the link below to fill out the confidential “FAST” form.

If you have any questions throughout this process, please contact Conrad or Britta.  We are here to help.

Apply for Financial Aid

2018 - 2019 Tuition and Fees

Toddler House                               Non-refundable Tuition Deposit $1,000


8:30–12                   $11,925

8:30–3:00            $17,850


8:30–12:00                $9,550

8:30–3:00            $14,275

   Thursday,  Friday

8:30–12:00                $7,190

8:30–3:00            $10,375


Children’s House                           Non-refundable Tuition Deposit $1,000


8:30–12:00             $13,125

8:30–3:00              $17,850


8:30–12:00               $9,650

8:30–3:00              $12,200


Kindergarten                                Non-refundable Tuition Deposit $1,000

Monday–Friday                               8:30–3:00                 $17,850               Activity Fee         $350


Elementary I                                 Non-refundable Tuition Deposit $1,500

Monday–Friday                              8:20–3:10                    $22,475             Activity Fee         $350


Elementary II                                Non-refundable Tuition Deposit $1,500

Monday–Friday                              8:20–3:10                    $22,475            Activity Fee         $400


Middle School                               Non-refundable Tuition Deposit $1,500

Monday–Friday                               8:20–3:10                  $22,475              Activity Fee         $450


Extended Hours Available Upon Request.

  For more information and/or an application, please contact Britta Moran, Admissions Associate, at (781) 934-7101 ext. 38 or email her at