Monday, March 19, 2018

The roar of this weekend’s nor’easter makes a strong argument that March is coming in like a lion.  I started this letter on Thursday sitting in my office watching joyful ELII students play soccer on the playground. The sun was shining; winter coats were cast aside relegated to marking the goal posts.  It really did look like spring.  Fast forward to Sunday evening, most of our community is reeling from a weekend without electricity and serious property damage. I hope that everyone is safe as we move into another week of unpredictable weather.

Despite all of this, there are signs of spring rebirth around campus.  Many have commented on the new building signs marking our various learning spaces. Keep your eyes open for additional signage as the weather warms. Another remarkable revitalization has been happening to the common spaces in the Children’s House. We completed first steps by refreshing the interior  hallways with a bright coat of paint. We are putting together a plan to work our way through all our buildings with the goal of aligning our campus with our dedication to clean and simple Montessori learning spaces.  Montessori is all about teaching the child to be self-sufficient – an important part of which is learning to take care of their environment.  Making our school look bright, clean, and joyful is a great way for us to model our values for our students.

We know spring is here because, regardless of the temperature, enrollment season has begun. Over half of our families submitted re-enrollment contracts for their children by the early-bird deadline.  Next week we will be sending acceptance letters and contracts to our new families. We have multiple new students registering in every section from Toddler House through the Middle School, and I am excited to see more and more interested families connecting with our school.   Our spring Open House is March 13th, and we are expecting another strong turnout.  Touring  families at Bay Farm is a joyful and humbling experience. We get more inspired about our school with each one.

Another real sign of the change in seasons is the energy and activity ramping up for this year’s auction. I am awed by the joy, purpose, and compassion of our auction committee. I look forward to our weekly auction meetings. The energy, enthusiasm, and creativity of the committee is inspiring.  This committee is joyfully dedicated to making sure Bay Farm is a thriving community.  Like spring, this group of parents are a rejuvenating force promising new and exciting ways to bring our school community together.

This weeks weather proves that we cannot predict what mother nature will throw at us.  We can, however, continue the inspired work of providing a wonderful school experience for our children.  I am looking forward to all of the inspiring events we are planning as we March into spring term with joy, purpose, compassion.