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Staff, Faculty, and Board

The essence of Bay Farm Montessori Academy is embodied in the shared ideals and goals of the many individuals who work and volunteer at the school. We have been fortunate to attract a gifted team of certified Montessori teachers and staff who are the heart of our loving, child-centered school environment, as well as draw upon the multi-faceted talents of our parent volunteers. Bay Farm Montessori Academy has at its core a sense of teamwork and service.  Each person within the school brings his or her own intellectual wealth, skills, experience and interest which are channeled through a variety of opportunities for expression and growth in our community. 



The Board of Trustees


Head of School
Conrad Wildsmith
Director of Education and School Librarian
Liz Titus
Director of Marketing & Communication
Admissions Associate
Britta Moran
Administrative Assistant/Development
Kyra Mercer
Senior Accountant
Data and Compliance Coordinator & Extra-Curricular Programming


Toddler House

Michele McKale *Program Coordinator
Rachael Dunbar
Natalie Dickinson

Bridget Martin

Children's House

Lori Churchill *Program Coordinator
Norma Anthony
Chrissy Brodeur
Kathy Caswell
Annabel Chase
Julie Hurley
Mary Sullivan
Glowyn Waterhouse


Lori Churchill
Chrissy Brodeur

Elementary I

Katie Byrne - Program Coordinator
Mark Benoit
Kristen Boonisar
Britta Moran

Elementary II

Kelley Collins
Jessalyn Hall

Middle School

Beth Figler
Michael Wahl


Rebecca Fortgang - French/Spanish
Julie Hawkins - Art
Karen Howland - Drama and Music
Thomas Mbungo - Physical Education
Liz Titus - Librarian

Brooke Tocci - School Counselor
Sara Milner - CH/ELI Learning Specialist

Extended Care

Kim Cole
Natalie Dickinson
Rebecca Fortgang
Ivanete Foster
Karen Howland


Hauke Kite-Powell

Vice President
Dan Varisco

Norm Wright

Conrad Wildsmith, Head of School Ex-Officio
Michael Christiano
Anton Eshbaugh
Deb Keating
Jacqueline Perkins
Jenny Rice
Sarianna Seewald
Jason Trulby
Joe Wagner
Michael Wahl, faculty representative

Amy Bennett, MPA representative
Beth Figler, Faculty representative
Julie Hurley, Faculty representative

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