Teachers’ Perspectives

We asked our teachers, “Why do you teach at Bay Farm Montessori Academy?”

This is how they responded:

  • To create/cultivate respectful, motivated, bright, and compassionate students who will be positive contributors to society.
  • To create a community that fosters empathy, enthusiasm, and togetherness, where a group of individuals with shared goals can create a nurturing environment.
  • To foster individuals who are confident, respectful, and innovative learners.
  • To create life-long learners that will make a difference in our world.
  • We want to grow kind, compassionate learners who seek knowledge, truth, and understanding, and who have the skills and desire to affect change in this world.
  • Because we care about children, their whole being — the child in his/her entirety.  We want to teach them to be independent, curious, kind, and inquisitive.
  • We educate children, giving them the tools to go out into the world with the academic and social skills to be successful — hoping they will make the world a better place.
  • To develop a child into whom s/he can be.  To give a strong foundation so a child is prepared for the world.  Not to give them all the answers but help them figure out how to get them.
  • To provide a learning environment that will produce students who are respectful, curious, independent thinkers.
  • To inspire children to love learning and to see the world as an open canvas to create the world in which they want to live.
  • To help each child reach his/her highest potential in life.