Theatre Arts

The visual and performing arts play a special part in the curriculum and the culture of Bay Farm Montessori Academy. Full-time specialists work with the classroom teachers to ensure that art, music, drama, and dance are integrated throughout the curriculum.  Visiting artists augment the arts programs and provide instruction in their specialty. Field trips to performing arts theaters, museums, and galleries give students the opportunity to view the art of others in context, often associated with the learning objectives of their Montessori classrooms.

Bay Farm Performing Arts

Academic learning is reinforced when students can demonstrate what they have learned through play-writing and performing, through musical composition and performance, and through two- and three-dimensional art.

Self-confidence, poise, and ability to share the most personal of work are increased in this trusting environment.

Having a wide range of means of communication gives students a variety of alternatives for demonstrating understanding and expressing feelings, ideas, and knowledge