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Parent Tour

Finding the right school for your child is a top priority, and at Bay Farm Montessori Academy, the admissions team invites you to see our students and faculty engaged in teaching and learning first hand. Tours take an inside look at the classrooms, arts facilities, library, playground and more. Guided by an admissions representative, you will be able to ask questions about the program and admissions process. Parents should take time to observe all levels to best understand the program.

The length of time for a tour may vary, but you should allow 45 minutes to an hour to see the full campus.

Applicant Visit

Bay Farm Montessori Academy offers a wonderful blend of activity, exploration, and warm greetings for every student visitor. Each applicant is invited to take part in one of our classrooms.

Toddler House | Children's House

Our youngest guests with their parent(s) join a classroom of peers to try their hand at one of many things which may include a math game, read a story, investigate practical life materials, or observe other students as they work.

Elementary | Middle School

Our older guests are invited to spend a morning with their peers in the classroom. There, one may find small group lessons in science, math, language, or a welcoming student who needs a partner in completing a geography project. Whatever the day may bring, there is a lot to explore, and friendly faculty and students to work with.

Guests who are interested in a taste of the arts, world language, and/or library may request a full-day visit to participate in the specialist activities of the afternoon.