Bay Farm provides a different approach to teaching and learning

When it comes to education, one size does not fit all. 

We believe that every child has the unique potential to learn, communicate, engage, and interact. Our programs reflect a child-centered approach. We always say that we "follow the child" but what does that mean? 

We believe that the starting point for all educational experiences should be based on each child’s developmental readiness. Our Montessori Certified teachers form close relationships with each student so that they can understand how they learn best and teach them the tools and resources to work through problems and resolve conflicts. In the Toddler House, children are taught practical life skills that foster independence. Our Children’s House classrooms provide a safe, stimulating, nurturing, educational, and social foundation for future success.

Our Elementary Programs respect the student's wide range of styles and abilities which enables our highly experienced teachers to help every student gain skills at an individualized pace. The Bay Farm Middle School prepares our students for High School and beyond through internships, hands-on learning, and a multi-faceted curriculum. The best way to understand the value of Bay Farm is to visit campus and see the process first hand.

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A strong connection to nature.

Bay Farm believes in the importance of enjoying the outdoors. Our students enjoy recess outside during all kinds of weather, sledding with winter gear in the colder months, and enjoying our peace path, sport court, and playground. We also have an agriculture program. Students learn the importance of caring for their environment and tend to our campus animals that currently include chickens and will soon include goats. 

An arts focus. 

The degree to which the arts are fully integrated into the curriculum is a unique feature of Bay Farm. Each child experiences art, music, and drama–at a developmentally appropriate level–with specialists who offer students avenues of expression and technical skills that go beyond what is possible in the traditional classroom.
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