World Language

Bay Farm values the importance of foreign language instruction. Our students are taught Spanish, beginning with brief introductory lessons in Children’s House and culminating in a thorough, multi-faceted curriculum in Middle School. French is offered to our 5th year students and above. Learning a foreign language is an enjoyable experience for our children. Both spoken and written French and Spanish are introduced and reinforced by a curriculum that is filled with a variety of pleasurable activities and meaningful work:

- Songs and Ryhmes
- Books and Magazines
- Dialogues and Skits
- Projects and Games
- Hands-on Materials

There are many benefits to the study of world languages during the preschool, elementary, and middle school years.

- The familiarity with world languages and culture
- The development of the ability to express oneself in another language
- Enhanced listening and analytical skills
- Improved articulation
- An appreciation of the intricacies of language — any language! 

World Languages

Chandler Phillips


Rebecca Fortgang