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A hands-on exploratory educational approach across all disciplines for preschool - kindergarten.

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Our Children’s House preschool/pre-k, kindergarten classrooms accommodate children in mixed-age classrooms that provide a safe, stimulating, nurturing, educational, and social foundation for future success. From supporting their earliest days, where separation from parents and caregivers and absorbing classroom routines are their primary tasks, to sending them up to Elementary and the challenges of first grade, our teachers commit themselves to giving their students a comprehensive early childhood education. This includes:

  • An approach to learning that encourages children to develop focus and concentration and a positive attitude about work, acquiring skills, and information.
  • Hands-on activities and experiences in a sequential curriculum of math, language, sensorial, practical life, and science.
  • A carefully prepared, orderly, and aesthetically pleasing classroom environment, rich in Montessori and other high-quality early childhood materials and books.
  • The opportunity to learn to make good choices, develop independent thinking and establish a sense of self-discipline and respect for self, the others, and the environment.
  • The support and guidance of experienced Montessori teachers who provide lessons and choices based on their careful observation of each student.
  • The benefits of a mixed-age group that offers the opportunity for social, emotional, and academic development with older, younger and same-age peers.
  • The integration of art, music, and movement into their daily routines.
  • Introduction to foreign languages and library activities.
  • Daily physical activity on our large playground.
  • Kindergarten (link is external) children spend one-half of each day in their mixed-age Children’s House classroom and the other half in a dedicated kindergarten class.  

Our Children's House Program Options:

5 Days3 Days (3 year olds only)
Monday - FridayMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Extended Care Hours available for children who attend 8:30am - 3:00pm. 

All Are Welcome

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Children's House Faculty

Lori Churchill

Lead Teacher - Sandpiper

DEEC Site Director

Annabel Chase

Teacher Assistant - Sandpiper, Heron, & Agriculture

Chrissy Brodeur

Lead Teacher - Osprey & Kindergarten

Glowyn Waterhouse

Teacher Assistant - Osprey & Kindergarten

Julie Hurley

Lead Teacher - Kingfisher

Kathy Caswell

Teacher Assistant - Kingfisher

Norma Anthony

Lead Teacher - Heron

Natalie Dickinson

Teacher Assistant - Heron