Elementary I

Grades 1-3 (Ages 6-9)

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ELI classrooms provide a Montessori learning environment where students are supported in their emerging abilities to read and write, understand, and manipulate mathematical concepts and materials, the physical and natural sciences, history and geography, and world cultures. The mixed-age grouping provides natural peer mentors and the opportunity for modeling and leadership which reinforces both academic and social skills. 

Here at Bay Farm, we emphasize freedom within limits.  Respect for children’s wide range of styles and abilities enables our highly experienced teachers to help every student gain skills at an individualized pace. Through small and large group lessons and discussions, and a curriculum that integrates the various subjects, and with many opportunities for learning to make good work choices, children have the chance to demonstrate what they learn in a multitude of ways.

Bay Farm Montessori Academy also places high value on the integration of the visual and performing arts throughout the curriculum. Full-time specialists in art, music, drama, and dance work closely with faculty and students to create a program where our students can reinforce and extend their academic learning while developing their talent and confidence in the expressive and performing arts.

Elementary I classrooms are impressive in their calm, focused tone. Students move freely through their classroom, working individually and in small groups. Soft conversation, filled with earnest discussions, enhance the warm atmosphere that is marked by an air of young students doing serious work. Teachers move through the room, giving lessons, answering questions, and generally ensuring that each child is actively engaged and making progress. Emerging skills are enhanced by the opportunity to do age-appropriate research in all subjects.

ELI Curriculum

Language Arts

Reading, Creative Writing, Directed Writing, Grammar, Spelling, Word Study Skills, Research Skills, Punctuation, Handwriting, Public Speaking, Presentation of Work.


Basic Operations, Math Facts, Fractions, Money Concepts, Telling Time, Measurement, Geometry.


Stories of the Beginning of Earth, Timelines of Early Life on Earth, Early Humans, Early Cultures of the World, Universal Fundamental Needs of Humans, Space and the Solar System.


Zoology, Botany, Weather, Early Humans, Earth Science, Ecology.​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

Practical Life

Animal and Planet Care, Independence and Self-Care, Care of the Community and our Environment, Teaching Lessons to Others, Conflict Resolution, Time Management.

Specialist Programs

Physical Education, Art, Music, Drama, Library, World Language.

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Elementary I Faculty

Mark Benoit

Lead Teacher - Patuxet


Katie Byrne

Lead Teacher - Mattakeesett


Learn more about Mark and Katie in our Teacher Spotlight Blog Post. 

View this video from the American Montessori Society (link is external) to learn how the Montessori elementary years — ages 6-12 — prepare children intellectually, emotionally, and socially to navigate the next stage of their education.