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Elementary II

Program Benefits:

Elementary II includes fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students (ages 9-12). ELII is a vibrant world of confident and eager learners. The students in Elementary II embrace larger issues and challenges, more abstract concepts, and greater responsibility than they have before.  As in the lower grades, the older students continue to be respected by the younger children in the classroom.  Our sixth year students serve as models for fourth and fifth graders.

Classroom ambiance evolves naturally from Elementary I. Children move freely around both classrooms, taking increasing responsibility for their time and their work. They continue to make choices from an array of assignments. Of enormous significance, they learn to organize their work and plan their time, essential skills for further success in school and in life beyond the classroom.

Elementary II students continue to benefit from a wealth of hands-on materials even as they move into their ability to understand abstraction. Since they move along the concrete-to-abstract continuum at their own pace, some students will be doing algebra while others are still mastering pre-algebraic concepts. Some will absorb the majority of their information from books and other print, while others will continue to use a variety of Montessori and other materials to master grammar, geography, and other subjects.

With Bay Farm’s integrated curriculum, they have the chance to do more complex research and demonstrate their growing knowledge and skills through the many avenues of expression they have been developing: creative and expository writing, art, music, drama, and dance.

The curriculum is a natural outgrowth of the Elementary I program.

ELII Curriculum:

Language Arts Reading, Creative and Expository Writing, Grammar, Spelling, Research Skills, Handwriting, Public Speaking
Math More Advanced Operations, Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Squaring, Cubing through Pre-Algebra, Geometry - Polygons, Equivalences, Lines, Area, Volume
Science Zoology, Botany, Human Biology, Timeline of Life, Earth Science, Ecology
Geography and World Cultures Map Skills
History  A mix of history and current event topics
Practical Life Peace Education, Conflict Resolution, Care of Self and Environment, Cooking, Sewing, Trip Planning, Scheduling and Organizational Skills, 
World Language Spanish
Specialist Programs Physical Education, Art, Music, Drama, Library

Our ELII Program:

Five Days 8:15am - 3:10pm

Extended Care Hours are available.