Toddler House

Our Toddler Program is a joyous, loving, and respectful place that honors our youngest students, ages 12 months to 2.9.

At Bay Farm, we encourage our toddlers to be independent and self-confident by making their own choices from among a wide variety of developmentally appropriate materials.

Our toddlers play alone and connect with their peers under the watchful eyes of experienced teachers who make appropriate changes in the environment to support each child’s development. Primary areas of exploration include language, math, practical life exercises, science, and the arts as well as fine and gross motor activities. Particular attention is paid to fostering their emerging language skills and their ability to participate in their own diapering and toilet training. The overarching goal is to support the children’s physical, cognitive, social, and emotional growth and to foster their sense of being in a secure, stimulating environment.

Our Toddler House Program Options:

5 Days3 Days2 Days
Monday - Friday    Monday, Tuesday, WednesdayTuesday and Friday

All Are Welcome

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Toddler House Faculty

Rachael Dunbar

Lead Teacher - Tern

Mary Sullivan

Teacher Assistant - Tern

Michele McKale

Lead Teacher - Piping Plover

Bridget Martin

Teacher Assistant - Piping Plover

Learn more about the Toddler Teachers here.